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The studio:

LHA architecture is an architectural design studio overseen by David Leyden in Ranelagh, Dublin 6.

We are a full service architectural firm with a collaborative approach to our practice. We draw on over 50 years experience in design across a range of projects from domestic to commercial. We place our clients at the heart of everything we do developing our entire design process around each project’s needs. We believe in practical design, using the latest and most ecologically sustainable materials and techniques, and always aim to have our projects successfully completed on time and within budget.  ​

David Leyden: B.Sc(Arch.), B.Arch., Dip.Arb., MRIAI

I’m a second generation architect based in Ranelagh, Dublin. I love design and I love what design can do. Great design brings clarity. It takes the complexity of the world and makes it simple. As a designer, you are so aware of all the constraints that need to be overcome, and great design always answers those questions with a beautifully considered solution.


Ultimately though, great design is about people, and my relationship with my clients is at the heart of my practice. They are the starting point of every project, and I put trust and honesty at the heart of that relationship. I see every project as an opportunity to create something exceptional, and always aim to exceed my client’s needs.


I’m a surfer and a father of three.


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