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23 MVR


23 Mountain View Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6


The project involved the extensive refurbishment and extension of a Victorian era town-house in Ranelagh. The clients wanted to retain as much of the existing external space as possible whilst also creating a schedule of accommodation suitable for modern family living. 


The resulting design incorporates a small 9m2 extension and is an example of how a house can be radically transformed with the smallest of additions or interventions - in this case the extension unlocked the layout of the ground floor allowing for the creation of a flowing interconnected sequence of living spaces from the front living room, through the dining room, into the kitchen and culminating with the newly created sitting room to the rear.


The new extension breaks the existing exterior space into two distinct areas; a centrally located south facing terrace and the landscaped garden to the rear.


The cantilevered open corner of the new extension creates a seamless connection to the south facing terrace blurring the division between inside and out. Connection to the rear garden is provided for with the inclusion of a large window seat positioned at the end of the axis of living spaces and provides views of the garden.


There are a number of new innovative materials from Gyproc incorporated into the project - the project was used as a case study to preview these new materials before being released to the market. These materials are lifestyle board, silent floor and magnetic plaster - the following are links to info clips on the materials used:



Magnetic Plaster:


Inspiration for your magnetic wall


The magnetic plaster is especially playful as it allows magnets to be stuck directly to wall surfaces (like fridge magnets!) - there are endless applications for this product but the appeal for me is in areas like kids bedrooms and play areas. It is also useful in home offices and kitchen notice areas.


Lifestyle Board:


Lifestyle Wall


The lifestyle board contains an innovative new core and is an alternative to standard plasterboard. It allows you to screw heavy objects directly into the board which gives great flexibility. One example would be radiator positions; radiators can be hung anywhere so design decisions can be put off until the projects is on site. For the home-owners it provides flexibility in relation to hanging TVs, pictures shelving etc


This project featured in the Home section of the Sunuday Times supplement - please click to here view 


Photos by Peter Grogan Photography



Plan Before

Plan After

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